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There is a wide range of chainsaw training courses available.  The only recognised chainsaw certificates in the UK are those issued through LANTRA or the NPTC.  ‘In-house’ certificates are unlikely to be accepted by insurance companies or landowners.
This quick guide will help you decide what you need.
I am:

Home user who wants to cut firewood on my own property or other peoples land.  I will not be felling trees.

Landscaper, fencer or grounds maintenance using a saw occasionally and not felling any trees.
Course required:  LANTRA ITA cross cut and maintenance (2 days)

Private user, landscaper or grounds maintenance cutting wood as above and felling small trees.
Course required: LANTRA ITA cross-cut and maintenance plus felling trees up to 200mm or felling trees up to 380mm. (3 or 4 days)

Professional tree care, or anyone wanting to use a chainsaw on Forest Enterprise (Forestry Commission) land.
You will need a LANTRA cross-cut and maintenance training course and/or felling small trees training course followed by a LANTRA Awards or NPTC assessment*.( Same course durations as above but extra day required for assessment.)

I want to cut down large trees or deal with windblow and uprooted trees, use a chainsaw from a rope and harness or undertake other specialist work using a chainsaw.
You must first of all complete a cross-cut and maintenance course followed by a felling small trees course.  You will then need a few months of experience as a minimum before undertaking any of the tasks above.
You will  not have the experience or operating skills to go directly on to these advanced courses until you have this experience. Windblow and large trees are particularly dangerous and require considerable experience in the woodland environment before you are able to safely deal with them.  We do not recommend attending a large trees or other advanced course until you have at least 6 months experience at basic level.  You will also be unlikely to have the level of fluency and competence required with a saw to pass the assessments for the more specialist courses without first gaining this experience.
*  Chainsaw national competencies have changed recently.  The NPTC units (CS30, CS31, CS32, CS34, CS35 etc) have all been updated and replaced by national standards based on National Occupational Standards.  The main difference in the new qualifications is that both LANTRA and NPTC offer both training and certification.  The ‘Licence to Operate’ from either organisation is now fully acceptable by the Forestry Commission and throughout the UK.  Prior to this change, LANTRA provided the training and NPTC provided the assessment.  This is no longer the case as both organisations now accredit both the training and assessment phase.

Tree work is dangerous and there are no second chances.

There are a number of different chainsaw training courses - make sure you choose the one you need for the work you intend to carry out!

Do not skimp on training either - for example a cross cut and maintenance course will not teach you to fell trees.

If you are unsure about your requirements please call us and our knowledgeable staff will help you or else arrange for one of our experienced training team to discuss your needs.

FISA Refresher Training

Don’t wast your time and money on a pointless FISA refresher course - upgrade your skills instead

Did you know that if you upgrade your current skill level to a higher one (such as windblow or large trees) on an ordinary course from any provider  you will not need to do FISA refresher training as your new course skill level qualifies you as having been ‘refreshed’