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Horse Logging

A unique part of our operations - once all timber was removed from woodland this way. 

Obviously it cannot compete with today’s modern high-output machinery, but it still has a real place in woodland management  - especially in smaller or sensitive areas.  With our Clydesdale Horses we can get into areas to selectively remove trees without damaging other trees or the ground we work on.  Quad-bikes have nowhere near the traction and pulling power of these gentle giants and they are incredibly effective.  

Seen by some as romantic nonsense or else an eco-friendly gimmick, these animals are none of the sort.  As an example, for first thinning there are few methods quicker or more efficient that do not leave damage and destruction to both ground and the stand.  

Where we really win is that we are not traditionalists - if the job is better done by a machine it gets done that way, but the horses are excellent for scavenging operations, selective removal and other tasks such as harrowing and rolling in paddocks etc where today’s agricultural equipment is way too large for the job.

We are also available for demonstrations at shows, fairs etc.

First thinnings being carried out by Wesley the Clydesdale
Our Clydesdale horse knows the job well and is patient and capable
Working in brash and slopes is no problem for Wesley the Clydesdale horse
Extracting trees by horse from Woodland north of Glasgow.
We are a Lantra Awards accredited traiing and qualifications centre
All our stsaff have industry respected qualifications
NPTC Assessment availabe for forestry and arb qualifications
All our driver traiing is carried out by fully qualified DVSA driving instructors

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