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Horse Logging

Craighead Farm, Dalry,
Ayrshire KA24 4LQ

British Horse
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Horse Logging

At Craighead Horse Logging, we are one of the very few professional horse loggers left in the UK.

Be under no illusions though, this is not tree-hugging or a publicity stunt, nor is it a circus act or some romantic notion of the old days.  We use horses because there are simply some jobs where there is nothing can touch them for their ability to work in awkward areas or to leave minimal ground disruption.

We use our horses as an integrated part of our woodland management, alongside other more mainstream methods such as tractors and winches.

In areas such as amenity woodlands, they really come into their own and the public love to watch them working.

Our animals are workers - not pets.  We start them young so they are agile, fit and have stamina.  Like all young animals, they can have their moments - which is why they are only worked by trained and experienced loggers who can take charge of the animals and keep them safe.

We use both American and Scandinavian harness with a variety of chains, timber arches and forwarders.

Our horses are part of the family.  When they are not working they are kept fit by riding around our town, through our local country park at Eglinton or on the beach at Irvine.  They are treated with great respect and cared for with passion. They also do a very good day’s work!

Quick, effective and tidy…….

In 2012 we took on a job in Huntly, Aberdeenshire which involved the selective felling and thinning of over 160 spruce trees and several dangerous hardwoods.

Using our dedicated felling team, (which includes 2 highly competent females), and our horses, the job was completed on time and in budget - despite the snow!

On completion, there was no requirement for any re-instatement works and no sign of our having been there other than 3 tidy stacks of wood.

4G telecoms for Glasgow - brought to you by a Clydesdale Horse!

In the winter of 2013, we were asked by Clarke Telecom if we could help them get their 4G upgrade outfit to a mast on the outskirts of Glasgow.  They had tried 4 times with various other methods and failed due to poor ground conditions and weather.  Their next stop was to use a helicopter - when one of their engineers had a brainwave - using horses!

We took their several hundred thousand pounds worth of electronics to the station and brought down almost 2 tons of redundant equipment. Despite up to 12 inches of mud in places, the job was easily done in less than a day with a horse and an all terrain forestry forwarder.

The residents of southern Glasgow got upgraded to 21st century 4G telecoms by courtesy of a Clydesdale horse!