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Horse Logging

Craighead Farm, Dalry,
Ayrshire KA24 4LQ

British Horse
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Horse Logging Course

At Craighead we offer the only industry approved training course for horse logging.  It has been accredited and is certificated by Lantra Awards.

The course will last from 3 to 5 days and prepare those intending to go into horse logging with a basic background in forestry safety, animal management and equipment.

This course is intended not for those who want a fun or experience event but for those who are committed to undertaking forestry work with horses and who seek a certificate of competence to work.

Your are expected to be a confident and capable horse-handler prior to taking it and also, if possible, have your own horse which is broken to harness.  This is important as horses, especially younger ones, are very intelligent and it takes time to establish a bond with a horse, establish yourself as its natural leader and gain its trust and respect before you can work it safely.

We are always happy to deliver our training at your own venue if appropriate.

One-day Assessment

Possession of an independent certification of professional safety and competence can make all the difference when it comes to gaining work and satisfying safety and risk assessment issues.

For established operators we offer a half or one day assessment carried out on your own site which, if completed successfully, will lead directly to certification.  


We welcome the opportunity to help other loggers and would-be loggers by working alongside in a partnership agreement.  This is by far the best way for you to learn the realities of horse logging.

If you want to work with us please let us know your details and we will get in touch - adding you to our list of working partners if appropriate.

We also have opportunities for individuals to come and work for us on short terms contracts to gain experience.  Let us know your details and we will contact you.